LightFoot Guide to Foraging

“Nowadays if I look at a meadow I think lunch.”

A guide to over 130 of the most common edible and medicinal plants in Western Europe, aimed at the long‐distance or casual hiker along the main pilgrim routes through Western Europe. The author has had some 40 years of experience in foraging and though a Dutchman by birth, has been at home all over Europe including Germany, Ireland, England and for the last 8 years in Italy along the Via Francigena pilgrim route, where he feeds his family as a subsistence farmer, cultivating a small piece of Ligurian hillside along permaculture principles, and by gathering food from the wild.

The first volume covers the 776 kilometres from Canterbury to Besançon. Full colour, perfect bound, 186 pages 216x140mm

Author: Heiko Vermeulen

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ISBN 978-2-91718323-6

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ISBN 978-2-91718323-6

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